Backyard Bird Photography

Are you frustrated trying to photograph backyard birds flying?

Hi, I’m Scott Prince. I have been involved in photography for over 40 years and have coached new and aspiring photographers much like yourself along the way. No doubt, photographing backyard birds is tough, unless you know the secrets!

Forget hand holding your camera and trying to follow and focus on flying birds!

Using the proven techniques in my eBook, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to photograph back yard birds flying. You’ll get pages and pages of info and photographs that will help you photograph flying backyard birds, and not just a bunch of pretty pictures.

What you will learn

  • How to modify a bird feeder for photographic purposes
  • How and where to focus
  • Which feeders work best
  • How to create your own backdrop
  • When to use manual focus or auto focus
  • Best accessories to purchase

Recent reviews:
” I have been trying to capture better bird photos, especially flyers, and with Scott’s help, I’ve had lots of success. His techniques for catching birds in flight is the best and his tips are easily understood. Any training he offers will be well worth your time.” Gail from NC

“Scott’s birds in flight photos look like magic, but he is generous in sharing the surprisingly straightforward techniques he uses to get his extraordinary results.” Barbara DE

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