Red -bellied Woodpecker

This is one of my favorite shots and one I’m most proud of. Sitting in my hide (my shed) like a she shed but a he shed in this case, I heard the woodpecker barking in a nearby tree, so I readied myself.

I could see the woody hopping around from branch to branch and knew he was lining himself up for the flight. I locked focus on him and as he flew towards my feeder, I fired away at 10 fps (frames per second). At first I had no idea of any of the shots I took until he left, then I started flipping through the shots. Out of focus, empty frame, out of focus etc, and then I saw this… and freaked out LOL.

I turned off my camera, pulled out the SD card, and ran in the house. (I have been fooled many times by looking at a shot on the cameras LCD screen that looked in focus only to find out it wasn’t once I load the card up on my computer).

To my surprise and joy, this one was in focus.

Camera: Canon 7d mkii. Lens: Canon 500 mm f/4. Shutter speed 1/2500, f/5.