Red Bellied Woodpecker Flying With Peanut in its Beak

For a while I was loading up the feeder with peanuts but the birds were devouring them so I stopped buying them. Saw some on sale at the grocery store so I bought a few bags and set some out and got in my shed with camera ready. It wasn’t long before the Woodpeckers and Blue Jays started coming in to get their favorite snack, peanuts.

I saw this Woody come in a few times so I got ready. I kicked the shutter speed up to 1/4000 and waited for him to land in the feeder. The Woody grabbed a few peanuts and set them down and as he continued looking for the perfect one, I locked focus on him and prepped for his departure.

He grabbed a peanut, did a little turn on the feeder and I began to fire away while he was still sitting there. He took off while I was firing and I did my best to pan along with him and was happy to see this shot when going trough the previews.