Photograph Birds on a Stick

Sounds silly, but I have a few sticks or broken branches I collect and place them in the yard for birds to land on and then I photograph them. Easy huh?

For these shots I normally have my camera on a tripod and prefocused on the stick. The birds will only sit there for a few seconds so you need to be prepared in advance. If you’re playing around and suddenly the bird lands on the stick, it will most likely be gone by the time you swing your camera up and obtain focus. Trust me, I missed plenty of awesome birds by not being prepared.

I personally enjoy the challenge of photographing birds in flight, but when its cloud or rainy (usually is in Maryland now), I’ll opt for a portraits session.

White Breasted Nuthatch
Dark Eyed Junco

Carolina Chickadee
House Finch
Common Grackle
Downy Woodpecker