Male Cardinal Flying

I was out for about 10 hours today and wasn’t doing very good image wise. So I went back home and got set up in my shed again just to see if I could finish the day with something. Shortly before calling it quits I saw this male Cardinal buzzing around so I waited. He flew back and forth to my platform feeder a few times , my heart was racing. the light was good, the bird was really deep red, I wanted this one.

The Cardinal landed in a rose bush and was hanging out there as Grackles dominated the feeder. As they departed I saw the Cardinal jumping from branch to branch so I knew from experience he was getting ready to go. I locked focus on him and as he left the bush, I panned and fired away along him with the best I could. Looking at my LCD screen, it didn’t appear too promising but when I saw it on my Mac, I was pretty happy.

Again, knowing the different types of bird behaviors and anticipating their next move is more important then the camera. You could have a $6000 camera, but if you don’t know the birds habits, you will struggle.