Hummingbirds Fighting

I looked out my kitchen window today and saw what I thought was a leaf blowing across the lawn. Suddenly the leaf turned into 2 Hummingbirds rolling on the ground! Unfortunately I was not able to capture them but as I looked at the feeder, I saw 5 Hummers fighting. Bang, out the door I ran, set up my portable hide and waited for their return.

It wasn’t long before they all returned and chaos broke out. I was so excited I tried to track all of them but soon realized this wasn’t working. they were buzzing around like flying cars on the “Jetsons”.

So what I did was grab focus on one bird at the feeder because I knew it would be only a matter of seconds before it would be chased away. As I began to fire away at the one I had focused on, another hummer swarmed it and then they froze in midair allowing me a few shots.

I admit this isn’t the best image of 2 hummers going at but I can tell you it is difficult getting them both on the same focal plane. anyway, hope you enjoy and I cant wait to try again for a better shot.

2 Hummingbirds fighting